About me


In 2016 I saw a group on Facebook called Volusia County Rocks that was painting rocks and hiding them for people to find. They called it “The happiness project”. The point was to hide the rocks so that when someone found it, it would bring a smile to their face, and their day was made! When we found our first rock, we were hooked and immediately went to the store and picked up the supplies to start rock painting. Myself, my two children and my friend Cory and her daughter all painted and hid rocks and it was so much fun! I promoted the rock painting on Facebook and a friend of mine started a group in Michigan! It was cheap, entertaining, family fun that brought joy to everyone, even people who just found the rocks and had no clue about the movement. This was my first experience enjoying painting.

Well, my wedding was about a year away and we were paying out of pocket so I was trying to make gifts for the bridal party, parents and grandparents. I started to paint wine glasses and beer mugs. They turned out really beautiful and I was kind of shocked myself!

Our wedding was in October, so Christmas time was right around the corner. We were trying to pay off the debt from the wedding so I wanted to make everyone’s Christmas presents. Having never painted canvases before, a friend of mine came over and we did a painting class on Youtube right in my apartment. I was amazed that my picture looked as great as it did. Growing up I was not artistic, my little brother grabbed all of that talent. I bought a bunch of canvases and made 16 paintings for family members as Christmas presents. They all loved them and were blown away that I had painted them. (Again, I had never had an artistic bone in my body). So, I started painting more canvases and thought about how fun it would be to start selling them.

The new year, I told my husband my goal was to be selling my paintings by the end of the year. It was January mind you, I posted my paintings in a large group on Facebook and asked if anyone sold paintings and what all I needed to do to get started. I sold two paintings that day. I was in shock. I wasn’t trying to sell my paintings, I simply wanted information on how to start the process. I was in tears. My new years resolution was made in JANUARY!

By February I had worked up enough courage to email the Farmers Market and applied to set up my work there and it was terrifying. I worked every Saturday of that Farmer’s Market for MONTHS and week after week it was what I looked forward to. From rocks, to glasses, to canvases, my artwork continued to grow.

Spray paint art has been interesting to me since about 7 years ago in Las Vegas. A street artist spray painted a city into Spider-man’s eye and it was completely fascinating to

me. The technique, the amount of time it took, and the overall theatrics of the art. The fact that I was able to watch the painting start as a piece of poster board and become something that was priceless. Of course I bought the painting on the spot and have thought about it for 7 years. One day I told my husband I was going out to buy spray paint and I was going to try it. I’d been watching videos for months, envious of the amount of time it took these artists to create something when my acrylic paintings took upwards of an entire day. My first spray painting was so inspirational! I could do it! It took me about 15 minutes to make the painting, which was astounding to me because I had NEVER touched spray paint before and I felt it was pretty amazing for my first try!

During the pandemic in 2020, I started hosting acrylic painting classes (for free) on Facebook Live. My close friends joined, and then their friends joined. Soon we had a whole weekly painting class that everyone was looking forward to each week. We needed a more social class, but with Covid cases on the rise, in person classes were a no. We moved the classes to Zoom and we were able to chat and listen to music. I could actually teach the classes better because I was able to see their artwork as well. I started spacing out the classes and charging, to pay for the zoom purchase. Youth classes also began which was extremely fun and the attendees were able to choose the themes of each painting. Virtual classes have been scheduled for children’s birthday parties, girls night in, business parties, school events, and more!

Tik Tok has had a huge impact on my business. I was laid off from my workplace during the pandemic and Tik Tok was a fun new app that made the pandemic not so lonely. I started making videos of my spray paintings and the videos became popular. A few went viral and received millions of views! (I still can’t believe it) The followers have been absolutely amazing and super supportive. I was able to make enough sales to help my family while the world waited for everything to “go back to normal”

My artwork has come a long way from rocks and glasses, then acrylic and canvases. Now I am working very hard to perfect each spray paint and spend a lot of time hand cutting stencils and practicing new techniques.
I’m an artist. When you buy from me, you are buying endless hours of failures and experiments. You are buying a piece of my heart and soul. A moment of my life.